Safety Tips

Safety – Everyone’s Responsibility

Sun Safety: Sunscreen must be applied before starting Junior Activities. Personal water bottles are compulsory.

Pink rash vests must be worn in water based activities and rash shirts are recommended to be worn in beach activities. Wide brimmed hats are recommended to be worn between events.

Personal Safety:  Marking of names on personal items (including towels) is recommended

[Lost property box already full from last season]  No Jewellery is allowed to be worn during Junior Activities and competition.

Club House Safety: No Juniors are allowed in the Patrol room. No wet and/or sandy feet are allowed in the main area of the Club House or deck. Toilets and inside showers are to be left in a clean and tidy state. Disruptive behaviour will NOT BE TOLERATED. The Club House Director is in charge of the Club House.

Equipment: Only Club Members may use Club equipment.

Juniors:  Fibreglass Junior Boards may only be used by juniors from Under 11 up. All boards need to be returned after use, and washed down with fresh water.

Seniors: Only registered members are allowed to use water craft (Skis, Malibu boards, Boat).  All craft must be washed down after use.

IRB: The IRB may only be crewed and driven by a member with an IRB Crew and/or Drivers Award or training under an IRB instructor. The IRB must be washed down after use.

Quad Bike: May only be driven by a Patrol member over the age of 17 and who has a Queensland Transport Drivers License and has completed an SLSQ ATV induction.

Hi Lux Ute: Can only be driven by authorised personnel on a full licence and over the age of 25.

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